A Massive Industrial Wind Turbine Corridor with 1450 giant wind turbines, each one rising 479 feet above the lake surface, is planned to be installed within 5 to 8 miles off the Lake Erie Shoreline right here in North East Ohio.

Michigan Boating Industries Association also is against the IceBreaker Wind Turbine project read this link:  

Why would the State of Ohio lease part of Lake Erie, that we all own, to LEEDCo -a private Industrial Developer?

Visual Impact: Lake Erie’s 1450 wind turbines would be visually imposing from the west shore of Lorain to the eastern shore of Headlands Beach. With thousands of fixed and flashing navigational and aviation lights at night, the wind turbines would look like a giant airport in the lake – not to mention the THUMP – THUMP – THUMP sound of each spinning turbine.

Once the birds are killed – they are gone forever.

Once the turbines are installed  – power costs are higher forever.

Once the turbines are decommissioned – they sit in the lake and rust forever. 

The lake Erie LEEDCo project actually identifies no protected disassembly fund available. The “Icebreaker Project” is NOT a public/private partnership. Did you know that LEEDCo withdrew their application for project permits in 2014 because they learned it would be denied? Since then they signed a purchase agreement with Fred Olson Co., a European oil and gas company that wants the tax credits. It is contingent on the IceBreaker development going forward. Fred Olson, Co. is now funding LEEDCo so they have all of the profits and tax credits secured. The U.S. Dept of Energy has a $40 million grant to LEEDCo so they are hiding the fact that this purchase has effectively already happened. 
Additionally, Lake Erie is in a PUBLIC TRUST which forbids leasing portions to a private developer… so LEEDCo tries to keep this purchase by Fred Olson Co., hidden from the public.
These wind turbines will be anchored by giant suction cups that will go 15-25 feet into the lake bed. For over 100 years Cleveland dredged the Cuyahoga river of sediment containing toxic carcinogens such as lead, arsenic, magnesium, mercury and many more. These dredge deposits are sitting undisturbed and risk being released into our water supply.

Wind turbines are proven to kill thousands of birds every month. Lake Erie is a major flyway for migrating birds including at least two endangered species and our resurgent Bald Eagle population. Thousands of decaying dead bird carcasses washing up on our beaches and shorelines will cause environmental problems of unknown scope.

Do you believe these development companies such as LEEDCo are telling the truth about the impact of fresh water wind turbines?  Please watch this video about another wind turbine development company “Vesta” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnbaIF6gJY0
SAVE OUR BEAUTIFUL LAKE / The Alliance to Protect Lake Erie
Save our beautiful Lake Erie from reckless industrial development! LEEDCo/Icebreaker and a for profit energy company based in Oslo Norway are currently at work on leasing a large section of Lake Erie, near shore and within view, to build 1,450 industrial wind turbines. These proposed turbines would be very visible from shore significantly affecting the scenic beauty of the Lake. Since the turbines must have red and white strobe lights on each one it will look like a giant airport at night. They are 479 feet high and massive. For comparison the five mile Crib is 155 feet high and there is just one of those. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur is quoted suggesting a goal of “having an Industrial Wind Turbine corridor from Buffalo to Toledo with thousands of Wind Turbines along the southern shore of Lake Erie”. If you care about the scenic beauty of the lake and the thousands of birds these turbines kill please lend your support for SOBL. This developer has been seeking a permit to build the first six test wind turbines eight miles northwest of Cleveland and miles almost directly north of the Rocky River.
Senator Kennedy and residents of Massachusetts defeated a similar but much smaller project slated for the Massachusetts Bay/Nantucket Sound. Senator Kennedy fought this on the grounds that it would visually destroy a summer home and vacation spot that attracted boaters, sailors, fisherman and people who enjoy being by the water enjoying the seascape….for this generation and the ones to follow. Because many other residents and concerned people joined Kennedy they were successful in opposing these wind turbines. The project was successfully apposed and in December, after 12 years, the developer withdrew from the project. Read about why at:
All of this applies to this situation with Lake Erie. It’s a major economic driver for Northern Ohio and a visual blight like wind turbines would significantly damage our economy. According to the State visitors to Ohio’s Lake Erie region spend more than $10.7 billion annually – nearly 30 percent of Ohio’s total tourism dollars. Regional tourism also supports more than 100,000 northern Ohio jobs and generates $75million in state and local taxes. East coast tourist stop at the Rock Hall and their way to Cedar Point and the Lake Erie Islands.
In addition Wind turbines are proven to kill thousands of birds every month. Lake Erie is a major flyway for migrating birds including at least two endangered species. Thousands of decaying dead bird carcasses washing up on our beaches and shorelines will cause big environmental problems of unknown scope. Also significant to realize is that the water intake crib is just down-current from the proposed wind turbine site. What will thousands of rotting bird carcasses each month do to the safety of the drinking water. Additionally, wind turbines are known to leak thousands of gallons of toxic oil and lubricants every year.
LEEDCo may say the oil will not leak but look at this link about leaking wind turbines in Michigan, these turbines are on land, image what a turbine oil spill will do to our drinking water:  leaking wind turbines are common
The developer is required to charge up to 550% of current power rates. We believe that could go up to 16 times the current rate for electricity paid by residents and businesses. Germany has just imposed a moratorium on new wind turbines because the existing turbines they utilize have forced energy prices so high their businesses can’t compete and employment and wages have suffered: https://hotair.com/archives/2016/07/06/guess-why-germany-is-shutting-down-construction-of-its-offshore-wind-farms/
Also, this project poses a threat to the viability of fishermen, boaters and others who enjoy the beauty and recreation of our lake. A giant near-shore industrial wind turbine development corridor would reduce the value of boating to many present and future members, posing a long term risk to the marinas using the lake.
The department of energy previously approved a $40 million grant contingent on the developer getting the necessary permits for this development from the State of Ohio. Presently the development is on hold due to unacceptable proposed methodologies to evaluate the effects on birds. The American Bird Conservancy and the Black Swamp Bird Observatory both filed objections to the turbines. Read about it:
Here is an article describing the location of the Industrial Wind Turbines in the Lake “eight  miles Northwest of Cleveland.”. The locations are set and they are 5 miles north of the Rocky River.
View the Pending Ice Breaker Lake Erie industrial wind turbine case here and enter a comment in the area of the website designated (i.e. Why give rights to industrialize our lake when the lake belongs to all of us including future generations?)
16-1871-EL-BGN: Icebreaker Wind Facility, Lake Erie
Here is the state of Ohio’s report on Lake Erie’s economic contribution:
Read here on the Infrasound effects from Industrial Wind Turbines in Michigan which would also happen on the shores of Lake Erie.
Wind Turbines are documented to kill thousands of birds each year. Some kill thousands per month including many Eagles. Lake Erie is a major flyway for birds and water fowl.
Bald Eagles make comeback on south shore of Lake Erie:    http://www.wclt.com/news/wclt/wclt7550.html
Many experts have reported that the fossil fuels used to manufacture, transport, install and maintain giant wind turbines is greater than natural gas emissions of equivalent power generation:  https://stopthesethings.com/2014/08/16/how-much-co2-gets-emitted-to-build-a-wind-turbine/
This will be an environmental blow to our area. For millions, Lake Erie is our most precious natural resource. The seascape inspires millions of Ohioans and tourists coming to our lake front. The visual pollution caused by an industrial wind farm would be hugely damaging to the quality of life in Northern Ohio, it’s residents, and it’s tourism. Ohio’s tourism office uses film footage of a calm Lake Erie in their ‘Vacation in Ohio” TV commercials. You can bet that they wouldn’t use wind turbine footage if it gets approved.